Well Being in the Nation (WIN) Network

Well Being in the Nation Network partners value intergenerational well-being and are working to expand the vital conditions that all people need to reach their full potential--now and for generations to come.

What is WIN?

The WIN Network is a diverse group of local, state, and national stewards working to secure intergenerational well-being for all. Stewards include national organizations that have made commitments to WIN through the Well Being Alliance as well as local pacesetters who are leading the way through the implementation of innovative strategies. 

Why is WIN different?

WIN members believe in the power of working across boundaries, building on the core principles of the place-based movement to advance new ways of expanding intergenerational well-being. WIN members place equity at the center of work to create inclusive legacies through strong stewardship. 

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Communities WIN: A Community Guide for Dialogue and Action
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Well Being Legacy Inaugural Gathering
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What do we need to know about WIN?

WIN members are stewards working to expand vital conditions to create legacies for intergenerational well-being. But, what what does all that mean?

Intergenerational Well-Being

WIN distinguishes two related ways of viewing well-being:   

  • Personal Well-Being: Individual perspectives and experiences that affect how we think, feel, and function, as well as how we feel about our lives as a whole. 

The more WIN partners can expand vital conditions for everyone, the more likely people are able to reach their full potential now--and in the future.  

The Power of Legacy

Communities inherit the decisions of the past, making the legacies of previous generations the starting points for today’s well-being. WIN partners choose to reconcile the past with the present to create legacies rooted in dignity and inclusion. 

Systems Stewards

Stewards are leaders committed to creating legacies for intergenerational well-being, centering equity and well-being to ensure all community members can reach their full potential today—and tomorrow. Stewards work together across boundaries to strengthen connection and to share power.

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How does WIN measure progress?

The Well-Being In the Nation (WIN) Measurement Framework offers a set of common measures to assess and improve population and community health and well-being across sectors. The framework is divided into three elements: core measures, leading indicators, and a full flexible set of measures.

Well-Being in the Nation (WIN) Measures
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All-America City Award Finalists Stewardship in Action: Hopkinsville, Kentucky
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