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Staff Contributor: Laura Krupar

Laura has been a Contributing Writer for Community Commons since 2022, sharing her expertise in data collection, database management, and report development. Laura is most passionate about continued learning, creativity, and leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Laura currently serves as the Community Health Information Specialist for the Institute for People, Place, and Possibility (IP3). She previously served as a Research Project Manager at Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR) and has also worked on a review of cases posted to the Navajo Nation Missing Persons Updates page. Laura holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Human Resources from Notre Dame College.

Laura can be found somewhere traveling the country in her van. She prefers black coffee and still wears a pair of Converse from the eighth grade. 

Connect with Laura on LinkedIn or browse her work on Community Commons below.


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Schools and School Districts
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Administrative Data
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Data Sharing
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Data Equity
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