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Sedentary pregnant women are generally at risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes. It is possible that could be diagnosed with GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) and have lower insulin sensitivity.
TAGS: GDM, Diabetes, Pregnant Women, Insulin Sensitivity
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Diversity index Carbon, Lehigh, & Northampton Counites
TAGS: Diversity Index
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Poverty level and waste sites. People living in poverty live in the darker regions and are closer to the majority and higher amounts of waste sites. They also cannot afford the health care.
TAGS: #designingthecity #environment #sustainability #health
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TAGS: infant mortality rate
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Crazy how places have a lot of population density, and more than 12% don't have car, and besides that there are no transportation systems, so its hard to get the food they need for surviving.
TAGS: Food, Public transportation, Cars, Population Density
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Highlighting this data by block group within three Congressional districts near Atlanta, GA
TAGS: wagers, employment, poverty
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This map shows the prevalence of households receiving SNAP benefits, percent by zip code in Chattanooga, TN.
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Modified Retail Food Environmental Index Score with Public Housing Developments (HUD 2013)
TAGS: food access, food desert, grocery, diet, nutrition, public housing
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Overlay of households that do not own a car and location of nearest health clinic for San Jose, CA and other surrounding areas (school districts identified on map)
TAGS: San Jose, transportation, car, health clinic, lack of health care access, california
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