Moving the Field Forward: A Decade of Progress Implementing Health in All Policies in the United States

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National Association of County and City Health Officials

The article discusses US communities' challenges, including climate issues, racial disparities, and health problems. It introduces the "wicked" problems concept and presents the Health in All Policies (HiAP) framework as a solution. 

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Resources & Tools

Model Health Policies Ordinance
Model Health in All Policies Ordinance
Resource - Model Policy
Screen grab of HiAP Preparedness Guide
HiAP Preparedness Guide
Resource - Guide/handbook
Screen grab of climate change and health framework
Climate Change and Health: A Framework for Action
Published on 01/01/2014
Targeted Universalism: Expanding Belonging
Resource - Guide/handbook
Screen capture of Racial Disparities Dashboard webpage
Racial Disparities Dashboard
Tool - Data/mapping Tool