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Mapping and Data Tools Library

Community Commons is committed to helping changemakers advance equitable well-being, and that work often involves exploring data to identify and prioritize areas and strategies for community investment. We support those leveraging data to improve community health through curating reliable resources that provide access to data, and that aid in data interpretation, sharing, and dissemination. We have assembled our top data and mapping tools here in one place as a Community Commons Library. 

The tools included in this library provide access to data through interactive mapping, data reporting, and visualization tools. Users can search our collection or browse tools that focus on priority populations and/or key topics, as well as track ongoing public health emergencies. Our hope is that you will use this library to support general or topic-specific community assessment, those researching specific topics and/or geographic areas, those seeking data regarding priority populations, and more.

Use this library to:

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Provide data for and about Priority Populations

  • Data for Native Americans and First Nations

  • Data for LGBTQ+ People

Focus on key topics

  • Data for equity and justice

  • Data for a vibrant democracy

  • Social needs data

  • Guns violence data

Track ongoing, public health emergencies

  • Mapping the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Mapping U.S. Opioid Epidemic

  • Mapping the Climate Crisis

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Disability Statistics
Disability Statistics
Tool - Data/mapping Tool
Food Waste Monitor
Food Waste Monitor
Tool - Data/mapping Tool
Screen shot of archive table: Gun Violence Archive
Gun Violence Archive
Tool - Data/mapping Tool