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Detailed Description

The purpose of the WISEWOMAN program is to: 

  1. Assure that cardiovascular screening is provided to women ages 40-64 who are participants in the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP).
  2. Work with community-based organizations to provide Evidence-based prevention services to those women in need of them (through agreements with organizations such as the YMCA, Weight Watchers, and those that provide Diabetes Primary Prevention Programs).
  3. Improve the management and control of hypertension by integrating innovative health system-based approaches and strengthening community-clinical linkages (such as team-based care and pharmacy medication management programs).
  4. Gather and report program related evaluation data, including impact measures. The Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation (WISEWOMAN) focus on reducing cardiovascular disease among high-risk women by addressing factors such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, obesity, inactivity, diabetes, and smoking. WISEWOMAN provides screening for heart disease and stroke risk factors, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, height and weight (BMI), lifestyle interventions for low-income, uninsured or underinsured women aged 40-64 years. The NC WISEWOMEN services are offered in conjunction with NC Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) services at approximately 40 local health departments and community health centers across the state. Referrals to health care providers and sources for low-cost medications are also provided.

Expected Outcomes

WISEWOMAN provides low-income, underinsured, or uninsured 40- to 64-year old women with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to improve their diet, physical activity, and other life habits to prevent, delay, or control cardiovascular and other chronic disease.


Evidence-based bright spot (strong evidence)

Cost Details

As of May 2014, WISEWOMAN is offered at no cost. For the latest cost details, please contact the WISEWOMAN program directly.

Key Steps for Implementation


  • Eligible participant must be enrolled in NC BCCCP and reside in a county with a participating WISEWOMAN provider
  • Participant must be uninsured or underinsured
  • Participant must be without Medicare Part B or Medicaid
  • Participant must be between the ages of 40 - 64 for breast screening services and 21 - 64 for cervical screening services
  • Participant must have a household income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level
  • Eligible women can obtain local provider's contact information by using the map at WISEWOMAN Providers

Other Key Requirements

Women who are enrolled in NC BCCCP and reside in counties that have a participating WISEWOMAN provider are eligible for WISEWOMAN services.


Local health departments, health care providers, and community health centers.

Outcome Measures

  • Increase in fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Increase in physical activity
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Lowered cholesterol

Process Measures

  • Number of local health departments that offer WISEWOMAN services
  • Number of eligible women who enroll in the WISEWOMAN program
  • Number of referrals to health care providers and other community resources

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